“We have the right not to receive e-mails from anyone we choose and if someone continues sending emails against our wishes, IT’S HARASSMENT!”

Are you FED UP with receiving SPAM? Are you being harassed by a spammer who continues to send you spam after you’ve repeatedly put your e-mail address in their “remove” box and/or sent them messages demanding they stop? Do you want to make them stop sending you spam and annoying advertisements? Would you like to find out WHO the spammers really are?

Would you like to SUE the SPAMMERS and ISP’s who sanction them for everything they’ve got and make them PAY for the aggravation they’ve caused you? If you answered YES and want take action against Internet Abusers, this web site is for you.

On this website, I will show you how to find out who the spammers ISP, domain registration and hosting company is. Then how and where to report spammers and get their internet service and domain names terminated. How to report them to the Federal Trade Commission and where to report Phishing (Emails from crooks pretending to be paypal, ebay or other legitimate companies.


I’ve been an internet user since 1990 and remember when there was no spam. I was one of the 1st AOL members and used version 1.0.

Since 1998, I’ve reported spammers and I do everything possible to have them shut down and put out of business. When Adult website spammers sent spam to my company employees, I appeared on the CBS News and exposed how AOL was doing nothing about it.

I aggressively report spammers to their ISP’s , Web Site Hosting Company, Registrars, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) and my State’s Attorney General’s office to get the spammers website shut down, their internet service terminated, the domain name canceled and the person responsible prosecuted by the FTC. I NEVER place any of my email addresses on any of my websites or anyplace where my email addresses could get stolen, yet spammers STILL manage to steal my email addresses. Spammers use e-mail harvesting software to steal e-mail addresses using every technological method available, then begin sending their spam with no regard weather it offends or upsets the recipient.. they could care less!

One notorious Internet Abusers web site I helped shut down and expose to the FTC was DEFAULT-HOMEPAGE-NETWORK.COM which was involved in browser hijackings. Click here to view the letter I wrote to the registrar, Networksolutions. On the next day after faxing this letter, Default-homepage-network.com was shut down for good! Now that’s what a responsible registrar SHOULD DO…. shut down Web Sites when the owner has phony contact info and when Internet Abuse is occurring!

I also filed numerous complaints to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Click here to see the court documents regarding action taken by the FTC against the previous owner of Default-homepage-network.com. Please note that Default-homepage-network.com (as of 2/4/05) has new owners who promised to run a legitimate web site with no more browser hijackings. I’m successful most of the time at getting spammers & internet abusers shut down, but it’s getting much harder due to ISP’s and Registrars in China, Korea and Russia such as YESNIC (located in Korea) and Naunet.ru / NAUNET-REG-RIPN (located in Russia) which when I file spam complaints, DOES NOTHING. I’ve reported hundreds of spammers to the Federal Trade Commission (uce@ftc.gov & spam@uce.gov) and it seems that they are not pursuing them as aggressively as they should be.

Don’t get mad… Get even! Remember the slogan, “Don’t get mad… Get even!” ?

We are seeking attorneys to take Legal action against the worst internet abusers… Spammers who promote Adult Web Sites and send filthy, obscene messages with no regard to whether the message might be received by children or how it might offend the recipient. Spammers who have false contact info, who owns numerous web sites which they promote by e-mail & internet abuse, with no contact info in their e-mail, who does not remove your e-mail address after you filled out their “remove” form or continues sending spam after you contacted them using their whois info. Browser hijackers and Pop Up advertisers who infect your computer with adware viruses and install Pop Up generating software on your computer without your permission, who make it difficult for you to remove their software, ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) and Web Site Hosting Companies who do NOTHING when you report e-mail / internet abuse. Registrars who do nothing after false contact info and e-mail harassment has been reported to them.

These internet abusers need to be sued for everything they’ve got and shut down!

It’s time to make ALL of these groups accountable and make them PAY BIG TIME for the misery, frustration, outrage, aggravation and disruption of business they are responsible for by filing CLASS ACTION LAW SUITS against them and refer any who is involved in criminal activity to Federal and State Authorities for Criminal Prosecution. Congress, the FTC, Attorney Generals offices are not tackling this problem aggressively enough so WE, THE PEOPLE need to take action to put a stop to Internet Abusers who “Thumb Their Nose” at the law.

Stealing peoples email addresses is also a form of identity theft so spammers who obtained email addresses and sent SPAM without the email address owners permission should be prosecuted for theft of identity.

Attorney’s who are interested please contact us