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I mind my own business and all I want is to be left alone. Every post on the site is in response to people who refused to leave me alone by sending unsolicited spam and abuses regarding my email addresses being stolen and shared with spammers.

Sending spam is a Criminal Federal Offense. Those who engage in spamming deserve to be arrested, prosecuted and put in prison.  If you send me spam, I will report your ass and do everything within my power to have your ass arrested and put in prison.


If you send me an ad, it will be sent with complaints to your ISP, the Federal Trade Commission and the Attorney General.

If you send a email using the contact form below, you will be revealing your email, IP and computer MAC address.

Vulgar, hateful, disparaging, harassing or threatening emails of any kind are prohibited.

If you engage in internet abuse by sending a email which is in violation of our TOS, your email(s) will be reported to Law Enforcement Authorities and your ISP.  If you violate our Terms of Service, at our discretion we may elect to take legal action against you and you will be liable for our attorney’s fees,  court costs and punitive damages.  If you bring suite against us for any reason you will also be responsible for paying our attorneys fees, court costs, judgements, etc.

The use of proxies will not hide your IP because we use technology which reveals your true IP and MAC address. This site was designed so if there’s any hate emails, we will know where it came from and who sent it.

Everyone who uses the Internet has a IP address automatically assigned to their computer by their Internet Service Provider (ISP).  You can think of it as  sort of a personal identification number which makes your computer unique to all others on the internet.  When you visit this site (or any site), the time you visit a site and your IP address is recorded on the site web server logs. This is normal internet technology which exists on all web sites.  Surprisingly, most site owners don’t know it exists or how to use it.

A IP address can reveal the ISP, the name of the person using the IP address and where they live.  This is how law enforcement and the FBI tracks down cyber criminals.  We have no interest in peoples info and will not use it unless they send us threatening or hateful email.

We reserve the right to change our Terms of Service at any time.

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