Attorneys Wanted

We would like to try using some new concepts to sue spammers.

It is our opinion that a email address is “virtual property”.  For example, if someone owns a domain name and creates a email address @ that domain, that email address belongs to the person who owns the domain name.  It is the prerogative of the email address owner to share his virtual property with only those who he/she chooses to use it.

If a spammer has obtained someone email address without a owners permission, we feel that person has stolen and committed theft of “virtual property”.  If the spammer uses a stolen email address without the owners permission to send spam, we feel that compounds their offense by using the owners virtual property without their permission.

We also feel that those who send unsolicited SPAM are engaging in Harassment which falls under “Abuse & Harassment Laws” as stated at, such as “sending  annoying or harassing e-mails”.  It is against the law to repeatedly ANNOY someone by mail, email or phone.

We are seeking attorneys who would like to get involved in filing Class Action Law Suits against spammers and internet abusers. If you are interested, please contact us.