BLIINGBAG.​COM and LUCKTIFFAN​Y.COM are sending Illegal SPAM and stole millions of peoples email addresses.

They claim in their email that “you’re subscribed to receive our newsletters” but that is a LIE which they hope you believe  so you don’t report them.

All of the SPAM I received was sent to 3 different paypal email addresses I own which have never been published so it appears they somehow stole thousands or millions of paypal email addresses.

I never heard of these jerks and have no interest in tiffany, louis vuitton or designer handbag products.

The criminal spammers are selling fake Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Tiffany products

Some of the site domains they own are;

The above websites are NOT legit “companies” and are most likely Chinese people selling stuff out of thier apartment .

718-412-8588 & 518-3003688 is listed at the bottom of several of their website. I tried calling their phone numbers for several days and got a constant busy so it appears they took their phone off the hook (probably due to thousands of calls from angry people who were spammed).

Here’s some complaints:!topic/websearch/ghmnraWhVtQ

If you received SPAM from these people, you shoould file complaints to SPAMCOP and please click the contact us tab and send us a copy of the spam you received.

Please also indicate if they stole your paypal email address.

If you bought something and feel you were scammed, you can file a complaint at