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661-748-0240 EXPOSED

There are some alarming posts about 661-748-0240, and some are designed to put money in Internet Marketer’s pocket’s.

661-748-0240 is NOT a scammer or phishing phone number.  It is a outbound number used by SKYPE subscribers to call landline & cell phone numbers from a computer.

How do I know this for sure? Because I have a SKYPE account and to be sure, I just used it to call my cell phone & 661-748-0240 is the number received by my cell phone.

SKYPE is a service owned by Microsoft.  Details here…

Some websites with posts about 661-748-0240 appear to be aimed towards scaring people into downloading SpyHunter so the person who placed the ad about SpyHunter will be  paid a commission (they get money for downloads & installs).

This is called affiliate marketing whereby someone signs up as an affiliate of a company and are paid a percentage of sales and sometimes paid just for each downloads obtained through the link they place on a website.   There are many people who makes a full time living doing this. They can literally sleep all day and do nothing and make $100K per year.

I would recommend that you do not download SpyHunter in response to scare tactics about 661-748-0240.

661-748-0240 is simply a outbound number used by SKYPE.

Scammers could use SKYPE to call people, but that’s no reason to make claims that primary scammers uses SKYPE.