Complaint Text

Here’s a copy of the text you can use when you file a SPAM complaint;

The SPAM email I received (below) is in violation of United States Code Title 47, Section 227(a)(2) (B) CAN SPAM Laws
1. Sender stole my email address, and used it without my permission. 
2. Sender sent unsolicited SPAM without my permission
3. Sender did not provide a name and address in their email as required by law.
4. Sender failed to provide a opt-out / removal method as required by law

These are Criminal United States Federal Felony Offenses Punishable by up to 5 Years in Prison and $250,000 fines per offense.

Unless someone specifically opts into a list and request information NO ONE has the right to send email advertisements of any kind… that is the law. 
Be advised that I DID NOT opt into xxxxxx.COM’s list or give them permission to send any ads to my private email address.
Prior to receiving this email, I never even heard of xxxxxxxx.COM

I consider his SPAM to be harassment and an invasion of my privacy.
Person responsible had NO RIGHT stealing my private email address, using it without my permission, sending SPAM and should have his accounts TERMINATED
Complaints are being filed to the United States Federal Trade Commission and the Attorney General’s office regarding this matter.