Yahoo Report Spam Page

8/13/2012 Update: ANOTHER VICRTORY!

As a result of this post and writing to the Co-founder and Chief of Yahoo, Mr. David Filo, Yahoo has restored their SPAM REPORT PAGE at

But this victory isn’t complete yet because it appears their SPAM Report Form is more to pacify people who has been victimized than take action against spammers. 

Here’s what they say on their Spam Report page: “Got Spam? Report it here.
Once you have completed this form we will take your report and feed it directly to our Anti-Spam systems. As more users report spam like this, our system is better able to identify trends and eliminate this type of nuisance from reaching your inbox.

Note how they say “will take your report and feed it directly to our Anti-Spam systems”.  That means no “Human” will likely see your report or do anything about individual spam complaints.  It will probably take MANY spam complaints to trigger any action from Yahoo 

That ain’t good enough.  Yahoo needs to shut down anyone who sends even one (1) spam email.


Original article published on: Apr 23, 2012 :

Until a few months ago, you used to be able to report yahoo spammers to 

Now, yahoo has eliminated that page and any way for people to report SPAM / Internet Abuse. 

Here’s a copy of a DISGUSTING spam email which was sent to a 12 year old
girl from a Yahoo account

“– Forwarded Message —
From: Enlargement supplement Sample <>
Sent: Tuesday, May 15, 2012 5:35 AM
Subject: COCKZILLA is the word

Stop being merely average, get bigger get stronger get it now –”


Yahoo is enabling criminals to send TRASH like this to 12 YEAR OLD GIRLS.  I sent a copy of the above email to  Co-founder and Chief of Yahoo, Mr. David Filo so Yahoo has been notified about this.


Here’s a copy of the message you receive when ever you try you report spam to Yahoo using any email address which used to work such as  

NONE of the abuse URL’s below such as OR WORKS

—– Original Message —–
From: “Yahoo! Network” <

“Thank you for your email, but this address is no longer being used for
abuse reporting or abuse related questions.

To report spam, please use this form:

To report other types of abuse or for help with security or abuse
related issues, please go to Yahoo! Abuse:

For questions about using Yahoo! services, please visit Yahoo Help:

Note: Please do not reply to this email as replies will not be answered.

Thank you,
 – Yahoo! Customer Care 

Note how they state “Please do not reply to this email as replies will not be answered”.

There’s complaints all over the internet about Yahoo removing their Spam Report page like this one below.

This is VERY irresponsible of Yahoo so I have put together a grassroots plan to MAKE them provide a email address / spam report page.


1.  Call Yahoo at 4083493300 and complain about any spam you received from a yahoo email address, and complain about yahoo not having a way to report spam and them eliminating thier Got Spam Report Page.  You can also send them a letter by mail. 

Here’s Yahoo’s contact information. 

Yahoo! Inc.
701 First Avenue
Sunnyvale CA 94089
Phone: 4083493300
Fax: 4083493301

2. Fax a copy of the spam you received with your complaint to Yahoo at 4083493301 using a free internet fax service like or  You can find lots of free internet fax services by typing “free internet fax” in google. 

3.  File a complaint to the Sunnyvale CA Better Business Bureau at

4.  File a written complaint to the Federal Trade Commission about Yahoo not having a email address to report spam or spam complaint page.  Here’s the FTC’s contact info.

Federal Trade Commission
600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20580
secure complaint form

5.  Contact your State Attorney General’s office and file a complaint.  You can find their address and contact info by typing the name of your state and “attorney general” in google.

6.  File a copy of the complaint to the California Attorney General’s Office at…

Attorney General’s Office
California Department of Justice
Attn: Public Inquiry Unit
P.O. Box 944255
Sacramento, CA 94244-2550

7.  Contact your local TV stations trouble shooter divisions and News papers.  Let them know about Yahoo not having a email address to report spam or spam complaint page.

8. File complaints to your Congressmen

Here’s a sample letter.  I know the grammer isn’t the best and I’m sure you can improve on this…

” Dear Sir or Madam,

I received spam from a email account at  I tried to report this to and found that they eliminated the internet abuse page which they used to have on their site.  They also do not have a email address which I can find anywhere on their site to contact Yahoo’s customer service departmment and file a complaint

Internet abuse and spam IS a United States Federal Crime.  Those who send me spam are violating my rights and should be reported and punished.  I should be able to report internet abuse to Yahoo and they should terminate anyone’s account who has violated my rights and is engaging in criminal  internet abuse.

I think Yahoo not having any way to report abuse is VERY irresponsible. Therefore, please consider this to be a formal complaint against”

XXX Your name 

Spam from Yahoo is HUGE problem.  Here’s another link about this;

There’s an old saying which goes… “The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease”

If enough people complains, Yahoo will have no choice but to put a email address or spam complaint page back on their site.


7/9/12 UPDATE:  A reader of this post sent numerous faxes to Yahoo about spam they received from Yahoo account users. 

A Mr. Rob Dulay from Yahoo! Hillsboro – Mail Abuse / Postmaster Team complained about the faxes and asked the person who was being victimized by spam eamils from Yahoo to stop sending faxes.  He stated “we ask you stop sending these numerous paper faxes and report spam through our online forms or simply just delete them from his system”.  

Isn’t that increadible?  Mr. Dulay from Yahoo Hillsboro – Mail Abuse / Postmaster Team solution to spam email abuse is to “simply just delete them from your system”.

When I sent a email to Mr. Rob Dulay at Yahoo asking him to send me the link to the “online forms” to report spam, the yahoo account I used to email him got deleted by someone at Yahoo. 

Yahoo can’t refuse to receive complaint faxes since they don’t have any other way for people to file complaints.   You have a legal right to report illegal spam activity which you are being subjected to by
law-breaking Yahoo users. 

You can tell them you’ll stop sending faxes when they provide a online method for you to file spam complaints.