SPAM PROMOTING (855) 315-9777

Received Unsolicited SPAM from a crook who STOLE my facebook email address.  The object is to get people to call (855) 315-9777

If you received a similar SPAM email, you can call (855) 315-9777 and complain about the SPAM.

You can file a complaint by forwarding the email you received to:

Sherel Factor
Strategic Student Solutions
Email address:

She stated that a marketing company is responsible for sending the SPAM.

Tell her someone stole your email address, they sent you unsolicited SPAM and you want to file a complaint.

You can also file a complaint to the United States Federal Trade Commission. Here’s the FTC email address:

Complaints has been filed to the BBB about Strategic Student Solutions.  Click here to view the complaints.

Here’s a copy of the SPAM I received;

Subject: Department of Education to help pay off Student loans.

From: “Student Loan Forgiveness” <>
Sent: Friday, April 10, 2015 11:26 AM
Subject: Update: Your Education Loan Information

—– Original Message —–

Call: (855) 315-9777 to take advantage of the President’ s newer plan

Fri – Open Enrollment Apr 10, 2015 – Please Review

For students who are no longer in school but have student debt.