(Subject line) Violation of United States Code Title 47, Section 227(a)(2)(B)

The SPAM you sent is a violation of United States Code Title 47, Section 227(a)(2)(B) CAN SPAM Laws, which is FELONY OFFENSE SUBJECT TO IMPRISONMENT 

Every time I receive SPAM, I report it to your ISP, the US Government, FBI, Interpol and SPAMCOP to get YOU prosecuted and your web site & return email SHUT DOWNl. 

BELLSOUTH.COM  < email addresses from your list or I'll do everything POSSIBLE to get YOU IN TROUBLE AND YOUR WEBSITES SHUT DOWN!

NOTE: Use http://anonymouse.org/anonemail.html  to send your message. Anonymouse.org is an anonymous email sending service which will hide your IP and email address. When contacting a spammer it is very important that you DO NOT let them get your IP address. Why? If they get your IP address they could use it in their bulk email sender software, send millions of spam messages and make it look like YOU sent the spam from your computer and get YOU in trouble and possibly get your internet services shut down.