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Content Facilitator Complaint

On 3/20/12, I joined Content Facilitator and created a email address specifically for my Content Facilitator account.  

This email address was used ONLY at Content Facilitator to create my account and was not used any place else.

On 4/27/12, I received spam (copy below) sent to the email address I created spceifically for Content Facilitator. 

I sent several emails to Duncan Carver informing him of the spam I received and how he may have a security breach in which a spammer copied his subscriber database.   I sent at least 6 emails and Mr Carver didn’t have the decency to acknowledge or respond to ANY of my emails.

I think that is pretty ROTTEN!  I guess Duncan Carver thinks he’s TOO GOOD to answer people’s emails.

Here’s a copy of the spam I received sent to my Content Facilitator account email address.  If you received spam sent to your Content Facilitator account email address please let me know.


Hi content,

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