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I created 11 different email address specifically for 11 different products I bought at JVZoo during the past 2 years and have since received SPAM on every one of those email addresses from different people I never heard of.

Here’s a list of the products & email addresses

syndication@xxxxx.com (created soley for Syndication Rockstrar)
tubesniper@xxxxx.com (created soley for Tubsniper)
rockstar@xxxxx.com (created soley for Rockstar Power Suite)
trafficjeet@xxxxx.com (created soley for Traffic Jeet)
bannercrusher@xxxxx.com (created soley for Banner Crusher)
goldenticket@xxxxx.com (created soley for Golden Ticket CPA)
freshstore@xxxxx.com (created for fresh store builder)
offlineplrvideos@xxxxx.com (created for offline plr videos)
mobileprospector@xxxxx.com (created for offline plr videos)
tubeviperx@xxxxx.com (created for tube viperx)
2centclicks@xxxxx.com  (created for 2centclicks)

Each of those email addresses I created were ONLY used to register products I bought at JVZoo and never used any place else.

We sent emails to the management of JVZoo several times about this issue.  To date they failed to give an explanation as to why & how this is happening.


Here’s a similar complaint above which was post on the Warrior Forum by another person who had the same problems I’ve had with spammers stealing his email addresses.

Interestingly, the Warrior Forum admin deleted the above post and the entire thread titled “JVZoo Hacked”.

jvzoo-selling-buyers-listsHere’s a post at the Warrior Forum dated August 26, 2015 titled “Is JVZoo Selling Buyers Lists?” Click here to view post

He states “Over the past couple of months I have been deluged with JVZoo affiliate offers from people I have never done business with. The only email address getting hit is the one I use for WSO purchases. Other addresses that I use to sign up for early bird offers are not getting hit.

“Either JVZoo or one of the major WSO players is selling lists of buyers. I’ve checked the headers on the messages and they are coming from all over the planet and clearly from different affiliate spammers. There are some common traits that indicate multiple messages are coming from some of the sources, but they must be using a network of spam servers”.

“Some days I get hit with dozens of unsolicited offers. I’ve accumulated a list of over 200 domains where the spam allegedly originates.”

This proves that other people’s email addresses are being stolen and used without their permission.

There’s several complaints filed to the Rip Off Report about JVZOO



Here’s a link to the Better Business Bureau’s page on JVZOO


The BBB lists JVZoo as…

BBC Systems Inc.
1065 E Broadway St STE 2
Oviedo, FL 32765-7411

Contact Information
Principal: Mr. Bryan Zimmerman, President
Marc Hardgrove, President

Two spammers who I confronted admitted that someone on a blackhat forum is selling email addresses of people who has bought WSO’s .

If you created email addresses specifically for products you bought through JVZoo and are now receiving SPAM from people you never heard of, please contact us and send details about your experience with this matter.

We want to get to the bottom of how / why this is happening and who is responsible.